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Miley Cyrus as the mentor for a night of Billboard No. 1s? Not even going to discuss that ... Yeah. What Slezak said.

Lee Dewyze opened with Joe Cocker’s version (Check out the Kid Rock look-a-like in that video...) of the Box Tops’ “The Letter.” He stamped it and mailed it out! I loved Ellen’s analogy comparing him to a favorite pen that you hope never runs out of ink. And I completely agreed with Kara’s comments about the improvements Mr. Lee has made since the first time he stepped on the stage.

Paige, Paige, Paige. What’re you doing to me!? Every time I pump you up, you shut it down -- and you did it to me again this week, to a realm from which I don’t think you’ll recover. It didn’t matter that “Against All Odds” is a huge song to tackle; her vocals were dull, airy and way pitchy.

Tim Urban. The kid finally delivered a performance that I kind of enjoyed with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It helped that he was singing a song I really like. And I thought the vocals were as good as I've heard from his mouth … That said, I totally got what the judges were saying about his performance being corny and feeling like a “High School Musical” audition. His stage presence felt awkward and forced.

Most surprising performance of the night goes to Aaron Kelly on “Don't Want to Miss a Thing.” I loved his tone and the liberties he took with the melody, and the way he held onto notes … Plus, the puppy love between him and Miley was sort of sweet.

On the other hand, Crystal (look at how I don't even need to use her last name at this point ...) appeared less than pleased to be taking advice from Miley -- although, I think that’s more of a reading on Crystal’s hard shell than of any actual feelings she might have about Miley. Either way, I thought Crystal's slowed-down take of “Me and Bobby McGee” was her most captivating performance yet. The girl was in a world of her own on that stage tonight, smiling and letting go, and it was soooooooo fun to watch. She also looked really good ... I’m with Simon; I wouldn’t change anything.

The footage of Michael Lynche singing to Miley Cyrus made me stop everything I was doing. Based on that footage, I had started to think that perhaps I was about to hear the most beautiful version of “When A Man Loves A Woman” ever recorded … But a minute into his live performance, I was thinking just what the judges said when it was over: too many riffs, I lost my connection with it, I was loving the one scoop of ice cream and then the kid behind the counter gave me nine more scoops, and the ice cream started to make me sick.

I’m so over Andrew Garcia. His performance of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” couldn’t have been more boring. I stopped paying attention halfway through it to read about Joe Biden supposedly dropping the F-bomb today.

Katie Stevens performed “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” … Ugh. First, it’s Fergie’s song and it’s a one-of-a-kind song that Katie couldn’t possibly have matched. Second, I don’t know where Kara got her pop/R&B vibe because I was totally hearing country twang from Katie tonight. Seriously, I was watching Katie perform and thinking: Tammy Wynette. I’m just saying.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Casey James’ “Power of Love.” My only critique -- and it’s kind of a biggie -- he had zip for stage presence.

Didi Benami’s performance of “You’re No Good” was good … not great. I agreed with the judges -- I didn’t get the song choice and it didn’t feel like Didi. Good thing she’s so darn cute.

And believe it or not, Siobhan’s performance (Don't need to say her last name either ...) of “Superstitious” was among my least favorite of the night. I thought her rendition was hokey. And seriously, she’s gotta pull back on the screaming before she starts getting Adam Lambert-style annoying.

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Matt and Lynne said...

I think you cut half the contestants (maybe more) without any loss to the show. Big Mike, Crystal, the yelling girl and the Rocker dude can stay. The rest aren't showing much.
And...they had all the No. 1's and that was their song choice? Ugh to all.