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Seriously. Was there any doubt last night that Lil and Anoop -- the most overrated Idol contestants in the history of my Idol-watching -- were going home?

Ok. Maybe there was one teenie, weenie moment of doubt that Allison might go when Ryan Seacrest did his dramatic stall-until-the-last-possible-second-before-TV-viewers-need-a-bathroom-break thing. Man, I hate that.

After Tuesday's round of disco performances, it's clear Adam Lambert and Kris Allen will be facing off in the final.

Actually, I thought Kris got the better of Adam this week with his sweet take on Donna Summer's ''She Works Hard for the Money.'' The bongo-guitar arrangement totally sounded like a mash-up of a Jack Johnson song and the Doobie Brothers' ''Long Train Runnin''' — which, yes, Slezak, should be titled ''Without Love'' — and I liked it!

On the other side, I thought Adam's version of ''If I Can't Have You" was just ok. But his voice still soars.

And for the rest of them: I'm willing to bet viewers are getting tired of Danny Gokey. No way he's got, what Paula called, the "sexiest voice ever."

I like Allison, and I really liked her arrangement of "Hot Stuff." But she doesn't stand a chance against Adam and Kris.

And Matt, while I was totally glad to be swept up in the joy of his save last week, he's in the same boat as Allison.

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