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This new schedule is really wreaking havoc on our TV-watching schedule …

These days, with putting Phoebe to bed, Kates and I are lucky if we get to watch one show together each night … Otherwise the shows are stacking up on DVR for another time. We’ve yet to watch the “ER” finale …

So here I am watching last night’s “American Idol,” if only for the performances and shenanigans outside of the drawn-out eliminations. I learned this morning that Scott MacIntyre got the boot when it popped up on one of my Twitter bubbles …

The news came as no surprise to me. Ol’ Mac’s performance on Tuesday night of “The Search Is Over” was easily the worst of the night. I was surprised to see the judges actually having a hard time deciding whether to save him when he clearly wasn't going to take the top prize ... Like a lot of the songs he picked this season, initially I thought “The Search Is Over” would be a good pick for him. Then he started singing and … aye. He was wearing on me.

Here’s the rest of my notes from Tuesday’s infamous “Songs From the Year You Were Born” night

Danny Gokey started off with that great song from 1980 … Stand By Me!?Seriously!? Gokey could have found a far better song from that year than a cover version of a song that was a hit in 1961. … I wasn’t feeling it nearly the way the judges said they did. Gokey’s wearing on me, too.

Kris Allen came out with 1985’s “All She Wants To Do Is Dance.” … Yeah, wasn’t feeling Kris either.

Lil Rounds sang “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” … Didn’t like it. Simon hit it when he called her a second or third rate Tina Turner.

Anoop Desai sang “True Colors” … One of my favorite performances of the night. I loved that Anoop picked “True Colors” and he chose the arrangement from Cyndi Lauper’s “Body Acoustic” remake disc. For once I wasn’t hoping Anoop got the boot this week. In fact I was shocked to see him with Scott and Lil in the bottom three.

Allison Iraheta picked “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” … Great song. Pretty good performance, although I thought she tried to rock-it-up a little bit too much and that took away some of the tenderness that made the original so good. My third favorite performance of the night.

Matt Giraud sang “Part-Time Lover.” … Eh. I didn’t like it near as much as the judges. I really didn’t like the arrangement. I like Stevie Wonder’s original too much.

Adam Lambert’s “Mad World” was pure and beautiful. Standing ovation here, too.

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