Three months and kicking

So Phoebe is three months old today

It’s interesting. In the days after she was born, we often heard people tell us, “Oh enjoy it now, they grow up so fast …” and Kates and I were like, “What are you talking about?!” Everything in those first few weeks was so new and amazing and it all seemed to happen in slow motion.

Not that everything isn’t still new and amazing, but it’s certainly not happening in slow motion anymore … Phoebe is growing.

In fact, she broke my heart for the first time a couple weeks ago when I came home from work and Kates broke the sad news that Phoebe had officially grown out of her newborn clothes. My heart seriously sunk … I grabbed a hold on Phoebe’s legs, shook them gently like I do, and -- as she flashed that giggly sweet mischievous smile of hers -- I told her, “No, stop growing!” … Needless to say Phoebe and Kates have been enjoying a lot of mother-daughter time lately -- aka, shopping.

But Phoebe is growing. And we’re convinced she’s the best, most happiest baby ever. She's becoming sort of a ham actually … Which means our next one is probably going to be a terror. Pretty much.

At three months, Phoebe is smiling -- constantly, it seems. Except when she needs to eat or sleep. Or when she tips over and knocks her head on Daddy’s leg, like she did the other night. She didn’t like that at all

She can hold her head up high. But it still bobs enough sometimes that we’ve taken to calling her “Bobblehead.”

… She’s slept wonderfully from the start, and now she’s giving us a good five to seven hours a night. We’re crossing our fingers that continues.

… She also enjoys herself when we sing to her. And she really likes bouncing on Dad's leg while he sings the “William Tell Overture.” (Speaking of the “William Tell,” have you seen this classic!?)

… And no matter how much we try to play with her on her tummy or her side, she absolutely glows when she’s on her back . She loooooooves to kick and wave her fists. In fact, it's not uncommon for us to put her down for a nap, and from her room we'll begin to hear this thwump, thwump, thwump as she's kicking on her mattress like it's a tom-tom ... She does it so much that we’ve also taken to calling her “Kiki Pee.”

… Speaking of those fists, she enjoys fist bumps too.

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