Brewin' hot

... What a game last night... What a week to watch the Brewers!

... Once again, I figured the game was over with the Brewers down by a run to the Cardinals in the ninth. I was all the way across the room and barely paying attention anymore. I seriously should've known better ...

Then J.J. Hardy got on, and right on cue, as the commentators were discussing the Brewers amazing run of come-from-behind victories this season, Ryan Braun popped one over the outfield wall ... My head shot up from my laptop and I drifted over to the TV to see the ball sail over the wall and the Brewers dugout going crazy ...

So they've won eight in a row now, and their biting at the Cubs ... whose fans, we learned this week, are already putting down hundreds of dollars just to reserve a chance to buy World Series tickets ...

When will Cubs fans learn?

The seond half pennant run is underway, and oooooh this is gonna be good ...

When the Brewers got CC Sabathia a few weeks ago, and the Cubs answered by getting Rich Harden the next day -- it got really serious.

Here's some good reads I've caught about the second half ...

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