... Another screwed-up day at work.

... Today my cohorts and I adopted the theme for "Young & the Restless" as our theme song. We tend to be a goofy bunch.

... Plus we got these fancy new chairs a few weeks ago that are supposed to be ergonomically correct and offer better support and yada, yada, yada. They have neat armrests and all these gadgets and gizmos ...

Yeah. They suck. My cohort Laura and I agree our backs and necks have never been so stiff ...

And given all the changes and looming decisions that have been consuming me and clouding my head lately, I found my horoscope particularly interesting today (Not that I'm a big believer in horoscopes, but isn't it crazy how right-on they can be so often!? ...)

More than likely, you are on the brink of completing a major move of some sort at this time, dear Cancer. Your first reaction may be to sit in solitary deliberation as you wrestle with the pros and cons of each piece of the situation. Try not to overload your head with too many small details. Instead, look at the overall picture. Perhaps you will find the answer you seek when you decide to go out for a refreshing walk, during which time you can clear your head of unnecessary clutter.

So what do I do on my lunch break to help put my mind at ease ...

I head to the thrift store to pick up a record or two.

I got three.

The Moody Blues: Days of Future Passed.

Simon & Garfunkel: Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme.

And the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.


All for under 10 bucks.

It's even better when you buy the records and you have a clerk who relates to the music and understands the urge to have it ...

After I handed the records to the clerk, she began looking at the price stickers and punching them into her register. She looked at the Moody Blues record, not realizing which record it was, and saw the 3.99 sticker ...

"3.99!" she gasped. Then she flipped over the record. "Aw, it's Days of Future Passed. That's why they've got so much on it."

I smiled.

Then she added, "How come I only see these records when they're on their way out?"

I just nodded.

But in my head I was thinking about the answer: It's because audiophiles like me still know where to find and appreciate good, original music; I'm just glad that people are still buying these albums and keeping them alive ...

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