Welcome to the Manor

... So I started watching this Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet ...

EW gave it someprops in an e-mailed newsletter over the weekend and its getting some good buzz. It struck me and I tuned it ...

Turns out, it's pretty good stuff. From the LA Times:

The result is strangely hypnotic, family-friendly viewing. It is fascinating to
watch the behavior of such a socially complicated group of animals up close and
personal in the wild, to be reminded of not just the brutality but the
selflessness that can be found in nature -- when Sophy is left to guard the pups
in an early episode, she is as brave and stalwart as a movie heroine.
... It's kind of like the meerkat version of March of the Penguins. I've always enjoyed watching the little meerkats at zoos ... but who knew they had such dramatic lives ...

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