All-star snoozer

So I fell asleep during the homerun derby ... And it didn't help that our DVR was being finicky, either. I started watching the derby about an hour behind real-time, then the DVR cutout and I missed about an hour chunk in the middle ... But hey, glad to see Vladimir take the crown.

And I can't say the all-star game was any more exciting -- aside from Ichiro's inside-the-park home run and the whole supposed feud thing between Tony La Russa and Albert Pujols ...

Seriously. What was La Russa thinking not batting Pujols for a chance to turn the tables in the ninth!? Alfonso Soriano has just hit a two-run home run. You've got the bases loaded. And you've got one of the best hitters in baseball sitting on the bench ... and you go with Aaron Rowand with the bases loaded!?! Aaron Rowand!?!

And seriously. The National League is better than to let the American League stay unbeaten in 11 consecutive all-star games ...


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