Movie night!

... Let the vacation-week-movie-watching begin!

... First up. "Mean Girls."

Like OMIGOD!!! It was soooo HA-larious!

Seriously. That was some of the most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time.

Superb cast. Great characters. A hilarious take on the urban legends and stereotypes of high school life; it was like an-amped up "10 Things I Hate About You."

I have to admit, seeing this movie was hardly at the top of my list (that's evident by the fact I saw it more than two years after it came out...), mostly because I saw it as another dumbed-down teenie-bopper flick and it starred Lindsay Lohan ... But Lohan is suprisingly good in the movie (after all, I really liked her during more innocent times in "The Parent Trap" and "Freaky Friday," too ...), and the narration of her inner thoughts helps create some of the best moments of the film ...

On top of that, Ana Gasteyer and Neil Flynn (as Cady's parents), Rachel McAdams and the rest of the crazed plastics, and Lizzy Caplan (as Cady's friend Janis ... and good ol Kat from The Class, Woo hoo!) are all perfect for their roles ...

Then you bring in the SNL backgrounds of Tina Fey (not to mention her writing genius), Tim Meadows and Amy Poehler as the cool mom -- well, that's the icing on the cake.

Great movie.

* * *

We caught a little bit of "Raising Helen" on TV during the intermission (another great movie with a stellar, fun cast! ... highly recommended family film!). It was hard to turn it off, but we had to move on ...

... Next up "Mr. 3000."

Now I know this movie got horrible reviews. But the fact it's a baseball movie about the Milwaukee Brewers and it's filming at Miller Park was a big story around these parts wasn't going to stop me ...

Bernie Mac of course plays the aging selfish baseball star, Stan Ross, who blind-sides his team by announcing his retirement on the day he reaches the 3,000 hits milestone. But when statisticians find an error that shows he actually finished his career three hits short of 3,000, he makes a comical return to the major leagues in pursuit of those three hits ...

There's a cutesy love story between Stan and an ESPN reporter who's covering his pursuit. There's the owner who lures Stan back to the bigs to increase the team's poor attendance. And the young star of the team who mirrors a younger Stan Ross. ... then as usual, they all come together in the end for a happily-ever-after conclusion ...

Though many of the jokes fall flat, some of the best parts of the movie are the interplay by the hapless team in the clubhouse and dugout. Plus, one of the famous Brewers sausage mascots is often seen lingering in the stadium tunnel and taunting Stan, which also makes for a couple good moments ... and for a guy who regularly sees games at Miller Park and watches teh Brewers on TV, the stadium shots and faux television spots are dead-on in recreating the moods and culture that goes with seeing a game at the park.

A worthy watch.

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