Stuck in a fog

... As I left work today, the classic lakefront storm clouds and fog were rolling so thick, I couldn't help but speed home to grab my camera (and clock myself for once again not carrying it with me at all times ...)

At home, I grabbed my camera, made sure it was loaded, threw on my rain jacket and was back out the door in minutes, on my way back downtown, toward the lake.

I first drove to one of my favorite spots on Simmons Island and immediately pulled off to snap a few shots of the fog settling in between the park area (above). But that was all I would get ...

... By the time I got down to the harbor area and the Pierhead Lighthouse, the fog was so thick that making out the shoreline about 50 yards in front of me was nearly impossible, let alone seeing the lighthouse which stood about 200 yards further out. ... For a few seconds I thought about marching onto the pier for a closer shot of the lighthouse in the fog. But it wasn't hard to see a fierce storm was rolling in and I'm not that daring when it comes to getting the shot ...

... So I drove off the island to the other side of the harbor, thinking I might get a better shot of the lighthouse over there.

No chance. The fog was becoming more dense by the second and by the time I got to the other side, I could barely see 10 feet in front of my car. ... and then the sky let loose, the rain started falling like machine-gun fire and all I could think about was getting deeper into the city and out of the lake fog ...

It was so scary. And yet sooo cool.

Five minutes later, I was home safely. ... at least I got one decent shot.

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