... with the (cue angel chorus) 'Lost' finale just one night away, some good reads about the show have been floating around the wire services this weekend, including this one about Michael's 'lost' cause and this preview about the finale ...

... CanNOT wait!

... although it may be 2 a.m. Thursday morning before I get around to watching it on our DVR. And I will NOT DARE going into work Thursday without watching it, or I risk hearing about it from one of my cohorts -- if not on TV or the radio before work ...

... while anticipating the what's-sure-to-be-a-wild-finale, a couple of us got into a conversation today about Lost theories, although we were stretching our imaginations perhaps a bit too far ... My buddy Brian thinks the Oceanic Flight never crashed in the first place and it's all some big dream. ... And as our conversation evolved, I threw out the wild theory that maybe they all know it's a TV show and they're playing one big joke on us crazy viewers. Like the final scene of the show will be a camera pulling back to show a huge soundstage. Then a director says 'cut, that's a wrap' and all the actors come out of character while stagehands start wheeling away set pieces ...'


In the meantime, while the anticipation builds tomorrow, I'll be boarding another train to Chicago and previewing the world-famous King Tut exhibit opening this weekend at the Field Museum... Woo hoo! ...Tickets are selling like hot cakes, but I get to see it all early and free! ... I love my job.

Then tomorrow night, I'll be in the presence of Imogen Heap (aka: the mystifying woman with those mystifying vocals in the music video that's been playing on this site for the last month and a half) ... Can I get another woo hoo!?

... Can't stop thinkin' 'bout tomorrow ...

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