Hazardous to your health

I couldn't hide the chuckle the other night when Seann William Scott strutted toward David Letterman's desk for a Late Show sit-down. Heck, it seemed Dave could barely hide the smirk on his face as he announced Scott and the cheap knock-off film he's set to star in, probably knowing all too well how bad this movie was going to be.

Jessica Simpson could be wearing a 'Daisy thong' (Ok, that was a stupid attempt at a clever line ...) for all I care ... this story couldn't have explained better why I won't be spending my precious dollars to see this movie.

And from the Los Angeles Times' Kenneth Turan: "The last word on this non-film film should go to a man who likely has not seen it, cartoonist Wiley Miller of the daily comic 'Non Sequitur.' A recent strip featured a movie marque reading 'Now Showing: Another Lame Movie Version of A 60s Sitcom, As Hollywood Has Completely Run Out Of Any Semblance of Creativity And Is Banking On Your Being Too Stupid To Notice.' Change the decade, and that about says it all."

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