10 reasons tonight wasn't the greatest night in the world ...

1) We have like pennies in our bank account ...
2) Yet we still think it's OK to put $800 on a credit card for a new mattress set and bed frame.
3) The Cubs can't win lately.
4) Sales people at Best Buy are no help.
5) I was almost home when Kates -- we were driving seperate cars -- calls me to say she's pulled over at a gas station and her car is smoking.
6) Gas is $2.45 a gallon.
7) The tow truck takes like two hours to find us, while we sit in my hot, uncomfortable car.
8) The Cubs still aren't winning. In fact, they're getting creamed.
9) Kates will probably need a new car ... but we have like pennies in our bank account.
10) After the tow truck leaves us at an auto shop, but before Kates and I can start to leave, a cop stops us and questions us like we're some crooks breaking in to these piece of junk cars. 'Ah no officer, we're just leaving ...'

The one reason tonight wasn't so bad after all:
1) The towing service told us the tow might cost us about 80 bucks. ... I guess he miscalculated. It cost us like 6 bucks.

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