How Taylor Swift Writes a Love Song

I'm sitting at my in-laws amid our annual family holiday tour of southern Wisconsin during the final days of the decade. We're watching CBS "Sunday Morning," which is recapping the best and worst of the last 10 years. Oh, what a decade it's been, considering he way we started it.

Maybe some day I'll get to writing about it. These days the inspiration that was so pulsating for this blog the decade before is fleeting today. Crowded out by other projects that are more important to me now. Researching my family's ancestry. Writing a book. Pursuing a doctorate degree -- to name a few.

And yet, I still hold on to hundreds of notes, links and unfinished Word files, thinking, "Some day ... "

But I found something today, that I couldn't help but share here ...

We love Taylor Swift in our house, and I've loved "Lover" almost since the first time I heard it. It's a quintessential love song and, arguably, one of Taylor's best tracks. I've been enthralled with every performance of it since --  from "Saturday Night Live" to her "Tiny Desk Concert" to her Artist of the Decade performance at the American Music Awards.

So it brought a smile to start my day as I laid in bed, scrolling through my morning emails, and caught The New York Times' interview with Taylor and team in this episode of "Diary of a Song."

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