‘Will & Grace’ Is Back.

Monday morning.

The kids don’t have school today because the schools have a professional development day. Which means I’m home with them while Kates attends meetings all day.

Right now, the kids are watching Nickelodeon. Which means I get to have some time reading and writing.

This piece about “Will & Grace” ran in The New York Times over the weekend, and I am laughing out loud just imagining how the characters will act in today’s “Age of Rage.”

Count me and Kates as viewers who will “gobble whole … At a time of political upheaval and civil unrest, liberal network programmers are betting that — like themselves — the masses are wistful for the Bill Clinton 1990s.”

I loved seeing the cast reunite for last year’s election video and I about jumped out of my chair when I read that NBC was bringing the series back. Shows like “Will & Grace,” “Friends,” “Frasier” and “Everybody Loves Raymond” helped me laugh my way through college. Although reruns are plentiful, having “Will & Grace” back on primetime will be a thankful sort-of escape to simpler times.

And speaking of “Friends,” the show is helping Latin players in Major League Baseball perfect their English. Who knew!?

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