Egg Yolk Dripping All Over Sandwich

Biting into an egg, cheese and bacon sandwich, and then having the egg yoke break and ooze through the rest of the sandwich, has to rank high on my list of favorite foodie sensations.

So from The Onion this week ...
SARASOTA, FL—Saying that the plump liquid center had been broken and was trickling warm yellow goo on all sides, a report released Thursday found that, oh, fuck yeah, an egg yolk was dripping all over a sandwich. “Oh baby, just look at that,” the report read in part, adding that, hell yes, every ingredient in the sandwich was now soaked in the stuff. “Man oh man, it’s flowing onto the plate now. So goddamn tasty.” The report went on to say—sweet Jesus fucking yes—that a piece of crispy bacon had fallen out of the sandwich and could be dipped into the yolk.

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