Back-to-back ALCS champs!

The Royals did it again. They knocked off the big, bad Blue Jays tonight in Game 6 of the American League Championship Series. They’re heading to the World Series for the second consecutive year.

I’m all smiles.

Making it more fun, we got to watch the game as an extended family tonight, with my parents and brother at my parents’ place in The Cheese State.

We got out of The ‘Ville a little before 1 with thoughts of making it to my parents in time to at least see the second half of the game. We made a pit stop in Marion, Iowa, for Culver’s and gas around 6.
As the first pitch was being thrown, Kates searched like crazy for a radio station broadcasting the game while I did my best to keep my concentration on the road. Eventually, we got the Royals’ radio broadcast going on my phone, but even that was spotty as we traveled in and out of network hot spots.

I managed to hear Ben Zobrist’s and Mike Moustakas’ home runs but missed Bautista’s shot for the Blue Jays to make the score 2-1.

We pulled into the driveway midway through the seventh, just as the crowd was singing “God Bless America.”

We settled in to my parents’ living room, confident the Royals were going to end it tonight. Only to be knocked down a bit when Bautista hit a home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to the game at 3-3.

Then the rains came with Wade Davis on the mound.

We waited out the 45-minute rain delay. And didn’t have to wait long after that for the Royals to work their magic.

Lorenzo Cain walked to lead off the bottom of the eighth. Then, Eric Hosmer hit a line drive to right field.

As I the play unfolded, I was on my knees in front of the TV, watching Cain wheel toward third base and shouting at the Royals’ third base coach Mike Jirschele, “Send him! Send him!” Jirschele, respected and skilled, always seems to know best.

Thank goodness he did. And thank goodness Lorenzo made it.

By the time Toronto shortstop Troy Tulowitzki gathered the throw and, with a poor grip, skidded his throw home, there was no chance of getting Cain, who slid across home plate, popping up with what would become the winning run in the 4-3 victory that put the Royals back in the World Series.

New York, you’re next.

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