When I awoke this morning, like I do every morning, I first reached for my phone to check the news alerts and emails I received over night. We’re on vacation, though, so it was a little delayed this morning. It was a few minutes past 9:30 a.m., and the girls already were awake and downstairs.

That’s when I saw the news that the Supreme Court had ruled same-sex marriage should be legal in all 50 states. It’s one of those “Where were you when …” days our society will talk about years from now.

Without getting too political, I’m pleased. Pleased that our country now provides equal rights for all to marry who they want. I’m pleased for the people I know personally who have waited for a long time for this day to come … Just a few minutes after I saw the news, Kates came up to the bedroom and I shared the news with her. I then handed her my phone on which I had opened Facebook to see, at the top of my newsfeed, posts by two friends who are in separate same-sex relationships. …

The first from my friend Tim read: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

The second from my friend Diane read: We are free to move about the country and live as wife and wife in any state in the union. HOT DAMN!!

Pretty cool.

Throughout the day, I’ve sat here and watched the endless stream of tweets and posts about the decision, and the momentous cultural shift. Late this morning, it occurred to me – Man, what a week our culture and society!

After all, yesterday the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act, saving healthcare for millions, and the Confederate flag is coming down any day now at the South Carolina capitol grounds … Tonight, the federal prison escapees on the run for weeks in New York appear to have met their demise.

To top it off, President Obama launched into a solo of "Amazing Grace," while delivering a eulogy at one of the funeral services today in remembrance of the nine people killed in a senseless act at a church last week in Charleston, S.C.

Here's how the NBC Nightly News ended its broadcast tonight.

From Time, here are today’s best marriage equality memes.

This one is my favorite.

This is one of my favorite cartoons of the day

And then there’s the White House, which is lit tonight in celebration of today’s decision.


(Updated 06.27.15)

Here are two more entertaining bits related to this week's news ...

First, from NowThis on President Obama's week ...

And second, in line with the debate about the Confederate flag in South Carolina, every state flag is wrong, and here is why. As my friend Ann, who initially shared it, wrote, this is funny and worth every minute of your reading time.

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