Softball Game 3: Two in a row

Another softball game tonight. Another solid win.

We scored eight runs in the second inning, and continued adding insurance runs throughout the game that helped us win in 18-13.

I walked and scored from my first two trips to the plate. During my third at-bat I hit a line drive over the shortstop for a nice single and later scored. … Unfortunately, I ended our team’s night on offense when I popped a foul ball behind the plate that landed in the catcher’s glove for the third out of the inning. The pitch came in fat and I was thinking about poking it into the gap in left field before I started my swing rather than keeping my eyes on the ball and making solid contact.

In the field, I got a lot of action at third base. The first batted ball of the night came my way and I gloved it to throw the runner out at first base. Soon after, I lost track of the number of balls that came to me and the shortstop. The other team’s batters were pulling nearly every pitch, and they certainly made it fun for me to play defense tonight.

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