Kansas City, here they come!

Ok, I take back a little of what I said about Kansas City being a music blackhole. For now.

Because …

(Cue angel chorus)

Nickel Creek has added a Kansas City date. My ticket is purchased. I will be there and crossing the trio from my concert bucket list.

This review in Paste about the breakup and decision to reunite is a great read.
“… Having taken the music business by storm with their eclectic approach to post-bluegrass acoustica, the wunderkinds realized they were tapped out. So, they did the unthinkable: in spite of momentum, money and conventional wisdom, they stopped. 
It wasn’t a matter of bravery or frustration. They reached the crossroads, and rather than harvest what was built, they stopped because it was the right thing to do.”

Paste also offers "The 11 Best Nickel Creek Songs." Mostly, I agree with the content of their list, but I'd order it slightly. "This Side" and "Out of the Woods" -- a staple on Faye's lullaby playlist -- are easily in my top three, along with "Speak," which the Paste list does not include.

I can hardly wait.

Photo by Perry Julien Photography

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