iPhone love

This is one of those posts I've had on my mind for some time, but haven't followed through on ... until now.

Man, I love my iPhone. And its capabilities continue to amaze me and surpise me and simplify my life every day. This summer, Kates joined the iPhone nation, too.

In the meantime, Apple continues to roll out these heart-tugging, emotion-packing commercials that make me stop in my tracks every time I see one.

Advertising almost never has an impact on me the way this campaign has. And I already own the product.

I saw "Music Every Day" for the first time shortly after I returned from my trip to Los Angeles. So many of the images in the campaign resonate with me because several of the scenes were our reality in L.A. alone, not to mention the last few weeks in our home ...

Then I saw "Photos Every Day" for the first time shortly after we returned from our summer vacation to Wisconsin. It resonated with me because I'd just taken hundreds of photos during our trip, not to mention in L.A. ... on my iPhone. My digital camera bag hasn't moved from its spot on my desk chair since the day I got my iPhone last year ...

And then the other night, I saw "FaceTime Every Day." It resonated with me because of the meaningful minutes we've spent talking with loved ones. Face-to-face via my iPhone. Even though we're standing hundreds of miles apart. While in L.A., the iPhone gave me the opportunity to say goodnight to my girls ...

This stuff amazes me. This is the kind of technology we read about as children in the Weekly Readers or saw in the movies and television shows like The Jetsons. And still it seemed lightyears away.

Sometimes it's still hard for me to believe this stuff exists and I'm lucky enough to have access to it.
Life is good.

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