Longing for spring

Kates, Phoebe and I have the day off today. ... Faye is at the daycare. Only because we're paying for it.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

I'm settling in for a day of doing some things around the house, catching up on some work projects and watching the inauguration coverage, of course. ... With fond memories of four years ago. (Interesting to read that post now. Faye was unusually crabby this morning, too, and last night was one of our most sleepless nights yet with her.)

After a brief battle for the living room big screen -- which Kates and I won -- Phoebe is watching her Disney shows on the small TV in the downstairs playroom. We tried to convince her to watch the inauguration with us, but she doesn't yet get the importance of it.

It's been a wicked, cold weekend here. Complicated by the burden of trying to catch up on lost office time last week and the looming crescendo of my graduate work.

I'm longing for spring and the summer daze, and more opportunities to spend time outdoors.

No doubt some of my angst over weekend stems from reading a lot of baseball news ...

The Cubs Convention happened, and the club unveiled the latest plans to rennovate Wrigley Field. ... They're as impressive and thoughtful, with the ballpark's historic significance and feel in mind, as any of the plans I've seen over the years. Check out these images. ... Gosh, I can't wait to get back there some day.

And Saturday we lost two of the game's greatest -- Stan Musial and Earl Weaver. ... Both of them were out of baseball before I first picked up a bat, but each of their stories have always intrigued me. The stories of Stan the Man's cool, steady play for the Cardinals and of Earl's genius in managing the Orioles, not to mention his famous run-ins with umpires. They are among my favorite baseball personalities.

RIP Stan and Earl.

Good reads and a video ...  

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