Football double-checks

So the Patriots and Giants are heading to the Super Bowl. Joy.

I would have much preferred the Packers and the Patriots, but I'll take it. ... In a grocery-store conversation with a friend before the games this afternoon I predicted a Patriots-49ers Super Bowl matchup, forgetting for a moment that the Giants were the other team left in the mix.

Thinking about it later, I do have a lot of respect and admiration for the Giants. Plus, one of our former 'Cats has become a key player for the Giants defense, and our fans are pleased to have him representing us in the Super Bowl, which he did in 2008, too. Furthermore, I like the Giants resiliency, and I think I'll be rooting for them to take it to the Patriots again in the Super Bowl.

Either way, both the Patriots-Ravens and the Giants-49ers proved to be fine games.

To fill the void of the Packers not playing today, I thought I'd post a pair of Aaron Rodgers commercials making waves.

The first is one of the latest entries in the State Farm series featuring Rodgers, which you've seen if you've been anywhere near a TV projecting an NFL football game the last couple weeks. Raji's dance makes me laugh every time ...

The second is a regional commercial for a Wisconsin bank that my sister-in-law -- who works for the advertising agency that produced this commercial -- described to us during our Christmas visit. Among other behind-the-scenes stories and fun facts she told us: Aaron's line near the end -- "Is this part of the deal?" -- wasn't scripted. (As a side note, Sister-in-Law also was involved in December's amusing Mittengate. See for yourself.)

In other news, Joe Paterno died today. Truly a surprising and sad turn of events the last few months at Penn State ...

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