Christmas cheer

Saturday Night Live, you did it again ...

After a sub-par year season last year, you've reeled off several cheer-worthy episodes in a row. Kates and I watched Saturday night's Christmas episode with Jimmy Fallon (and Michael Buble, among many others) on our DVR tonight, and it was indeed a good one. EW smartly called it "joyful and triumphant" and "an instant classic."

Check out some highlights ...

(This, Fallon's monologue, after a couple nice surprise appearences by Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler in the opening sketch.)

The Buble Duets ... Hilarious.

The Christmas Treat ... Classic. So good to see all these guys doing this skit again.

The Weekend Update Joke-off ... Legendary.

And finally, Tebow. ... Believe what you want, but this was funny.

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