Then again ...

I, too, watched the Twitter-verse explode this morning with excited Tweets about the Beatles catalogue finally being available on iTunes. For more of the story click here.

My reaction was: Eh.

The Chicago Tribune wrote it best this morning ...
"This isn't for the die-hards. We bought the revamped stereo CD reissues a year ago. ... What you don't hear is the kind of gushing that accompanied last year's reissue of the entire Beatles catalog in its first major upgrade/ remastering since 1987. Then, the talk was all about the immediacy of the recordings, how you felt like you were in the studio with the band."
Pretty much. That was fun. Hence, my ultimate Beatles playlist.

Painting the classic red Wrigley Field marquee purple, on the other hand, just seems very, very wrong.

Update 11.22.2010

Speaking of wrong ...

Here are a couple good reads about the "unique" football game played at Wrigley over the weekend ... I'm sorry I missed it.
a Danger of Wrigley end zone was obvious from start
a Whatever we saw at Wrigley, it was worth seeing

Back to good. Here's more of the Beatles ...
a The 50 Best Beatles Covers of All Time

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