Getting The Weepies

I had another concert blues moment recently. And probably not the last.

Kates and I adore The Weepies. Have for years. Their music has been part of a few big moments in our lives. And given all the uncertainty in our lives these last couple months, you could say their new album due out at the end of this month is the one of the most anticipated events in our household this summer.

Their lyrics are oh so soothing. Their lush harmonies are musical bliss. The World Spins Madly On.

Suffice to say, as I've said a number of times, they're at the top of our concert bucket list. If the timing was right, we'd drive -- or fly, depending on the location -- hours to see them. Just once.

So when word came out a few weeks ago that the duo was setting plans for their first tour in four years, I had high hopes. I joined others by pleaing on their Facebook page for a Kansas City stop, and I had visions of turning it into a perfect wedding anniversary gift for us. I really thought this was going to be the year.

Instead, I was crushed when the dates went public about a week ago. And there was no date in Kansas City ... There are dates in Madison, Evanston, and Iowa City -- all of which Kates and I seriously considered. But considering our job responsibilities, those stops are scheduled during the worst possible week of the fall.

Get over it. I know.

At least we can still look forward to the new album ... And we have a new song to enjoy.

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