Best viral videos of 2009

... So I'm in the midst of my first snow day as a professional, and I've spent most of it clicking through weeks worth of e-mails that stacked up in my inbox during my transition the last two to three weeks ...

One pleasant surprise -- and a good break from all the hard news I was reading -- was EW's 10 best viral videos of 2009.

Every one of these is worth watching ... But I highly recommend "Autotune the News" and "Web Site Story."

After watching "David After the Dentist," I also stumbled upon a spoof of the same video featuring Darth Vadar -- which I think is funnier than the original.

And, c'mon, I also can't forget the wedding dance and the "12 Days of Christmas" on my own list of the greatest viral videos of the year.

Have fun.

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