The Hot Stove

… So I opened my e-mail alerts this morning and saw this news about a three-way deal that would send Roy Halladay to the Phillies and Cliff Lee – CLIFF LEE! – to the Mariners.

Say what!? How in the world could the Phillies part with Cliff Lee, I thought. But the Post story does put it into perspective.

Some more quick thoughts on other recent baseball moves …

I was soooooo hoping the Cubs would land Curtis Granderson … but that dream was wiped out in a hurry. Damn Yankees.

I really like the idea of John Lackey wearing a Red Sox jersey … Though I’ll miss seeing him pitch for the Angels.

I was sorry to see the Brewers let Jason Kendall go … Then he signed with the Royals, and it turns out I won’t miss too much of him since the Royals will become my home team again in January.

I'm cautiously optimistic about the Brewers signing Randy Wolf … See: Jeff Suppan.

I’ll bet few signings this offseason please me as much as the announcement yesterday that the Brewers are keeping Craig Counsell. … Beginning with his earlier days in Florida and Arizona, I love the way Craig Counsell plays the game and the steady veteran presence he has in the Brewers lineup.

On the other hand, I let out a long groan when I heard the Brewers had signed LaTroy Hawkins ... Dating back to his failed stint with the Cubs, I can't remember anything good coming out of the times I've seen him pitch.

And Hideki Matsui in Anaheim and not New York? … That would just be weird.

Just nine weeks until pitchers and catchers report.

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