Michael remembered

And now Michael Jackson rests -- sort of.

Kates and I just finished watching the Michael Jackson memorial service. Soaked it in from start to finish …

I had started watching some of the early coverage this morning on the Internet at the office. Then, having worked some extra time yesterday, I hastily finished my work and managed to squeak out of the office a little after 12. I drove home -- interestingly, to “Billie Jean” which was playing on a radio station -- and settled in to watch the rest of the service on television. I knew this memorial service had all the makings of something historic and I wasn’t going to miss it …

John Mayer, for his masterful guitar solo of “Human Nature,” and Jermaine Jackson, for his touching rendition of “Smile,” stand out as my favorite performances of the tribute. Usher’s tearful “Gone Too Soon” also pulled at the heartstrings.

By the time the Jackson family, friends, performers and speakers gathered on the Staples Center stage for the finale, the memorable moments were too many to count … Berry Gordy calling Jackson “the greatest entertainer that ever lived.” Magic Johnson recalling a dinner meeting during which Jackson feasted on Kentucky Fried Chicken. Smokey Robinson talking about the first time he heard Michael sing his song. Brooke Shield’s tales of their young friendship. And young Paris’s heart-wrenching moments of trying to describe how much she’ll miss her daddy.

These last two weeks have marked the end of an era for a generation. The passing of an icon. Again today, as we watched Jackson’s memorial from our living room, the world seemed to stop … I read a tweet from a local entertainment writer who noted he found something like 22 different television stations carrying live coverage of the memorial.

As some of the commentators noted, it was a fitting tribute that was respectful, joyous, at times political and sometimes humorous, but never over-the-top. With appearances from Mariah Carey to Kobe Bryant, it was a star-studded achievement that promoters aptly pulled off quickly and without a hitch.

More memories to let settle.

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