Game 4: Back to good

After getting walloped in our last two games against the two best teams in the league, we were desperate for a good win today. We needed a confidence-booster.

We got it. Against the worst team in the league. 12-5.

Interestingly, we went down 0-4 in the first inning on a couple errors and some timely hits. … I got the start in right field today, and the only ball to come near me was a line drive to my right side. I got a good jump on the ball, but it was too far out of my reach. I made a diving attempt at it, then felt it skip off the tip of my glove and saw it roll behind me as I skidded on the grass. The center fielder backed up the play and the batter trotted into second base with a two-run double.

It was all us from then on, though.

After doing nothing in our half of the first – I struck out leading off – we batted around and scored seven in the second. I drove in one run with a single to the left side and later scored myself.

You wouldn’t know it by the score, but we had our share of troubles hitting ... After facing a collection of hard throwers in our last two games, today we went up against a guy who was throwing pure junk that was so slow it barely made it to the plate. Every time the ball left his hands, our eyes got wide – but we were over swinging almost every time …

After my strikeout in the first and a single in the second, I had an RBI-ground out in the fifth. Then in the seventh, I finally got a good piece of the ball and drove it to left field – but it was directly to the fielder and caught.

While we kept scoring, our pitcher kept mowing ‘em down. He pitched the complete game and logged 11 strikeouts.

For once, our defense also held up – and included our third baseman’s diving snatch of a hot liner, which is sure to be the play of the year.

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