Playing in the rain

Fresh off a brisk 3-mile MS Walk in the rain this morning ... here I am, watching the Zambrano (see today's Sun-Times) and the Cubs losing to the Brewers ... again ...

Yesterday, while most sports fans I know were watching the NFL draft ( ... why? I'll never understand. I can't stand watching the thing. To me, it's endless trail of talking heads and wannabes liek Mell Kiper spouting speculation and shout-outs with the announcement every thirty minutes or so of some lineman I never heard of ...), I, of course, was watching the Cubs game ...

Actually, as I told a family member at a party last night, during an endless string of teasing, the Cubs didn't play. The Brewers played. The Cubs didn't.

16-2. ... Six homeruns by the Brewers. Two of them by Prince Fielder. ... and seagulls descending on the outfield. Yowsers.

Turns out it was a productive day throughout MLB ...
a Tigers rock Twins 18-1; Yanks spank Jays 17-6
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a Selig: No Ruth fete for Bonds

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Anonymous said...

The Cubs sure do suck. Oh yeah.
They are the suckiest bunch of sucks around!

Go Mets!

Keith Hernandez

Oh yeah, and women should only have babies.