About this blog

I'm a news junkie. I believe baseball is still the national past time. I think music is the greatest discovery ever made. I'm easily excited by simple things. I'm just an average, middle-class guy who makes his living by writing.

That's the basis of this blog and the shameless musings I publish here.

It's a place for you to get a glimpse of the things my family experiences.

It's a place for me to talk about the music I'm listening to, and the bliss it brings me. A place for me to cheer or bemoan my sports teams, and write about my ups and downs of following them.

It's a place to share what I'm writing, and what I'm reading. The things I'm thinking. My photography. The things that make me laugh. My beliefs. My aspirations. My fantasies. My memories. My favorite places on the Web.

It's a collection of things I think you should see, read and hear.

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Shopgirl Music said...

Hi Horns! I'm the publicist for Scythian - I found the blog you wrote about their set at Summerfest, and I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that they will be headed up to the great white north later this month. They've got shows in Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, Madison and LaCrosse. Hope you can make it out for a pint and a jig!

Shannon Cheshire